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Need Power? No problem!

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or 773-777-4260

If the power from ComEd goes out, make sure you call us ...RIGHT AWAY!!

We have rental transformers and rental generators to help power your special event

or emergency service for your power outage.

Generator Rental TSA Productions

 We have units that are regularly serviced tested and at FORCES GENERATORS

All generator power is 50/60 Hertz


Fully licensed Electrician (Bonded and Insured)

      TSA Productions generator rentals                                             Transformer rental TSA Productions


                                    Concert generators, Emergency back up generator rentals , Comed power outage back up generators, temp power.                                             

70 amp, 125 amp, 200 amp, 400 amp, 600 amp  three phase, rental Show Generators

Generator rentals for Prime or Standby Power

Moveable Power Division, Chicago.

773-777-4260 or 773-251-4260

200 amp power distribution panels with service disconnect

480v to 208/120 Transformers (most sizes)

Isolation Transformers

Feeder Cable (Entertainment cable from 6awg. to 4/0awg.)

Cam Loc Tails

3 Circuit power cables with double duplex enders

Fully licensed electrician (Bonded and Insured)

25kw, 60kw, 85 kw, 100 kw, 150kw, 200kw, 300kw, 500kw, 1000kw generators

Generator rentals by 1-day or weekly rate

Moveable Power - Chicago

773-777-4260 or 773-251-4260


                                                       Rent temporary power

                                                                     Electrical Distribution:

480V to 208/120V Transformer Rental Systems (all sizes)

208V to 380/220V Transformer Rental Systems (all sizes)

208V to 416/240V Transformer Rental Systems (all sizes)

208 to 208/120 Isolation Transformer Rental Systems 

480V to 416-380-240-220 Volts for Euro Power Conversions


Feeder Cable (Entertainment cable from #2awg. to 4/0awg.)

CamLoc Tails and U.L. approved (type SC) Feeder Cable

3 Circuit distro multi-cables with 20A Edison receptacle enders

GFCI circuit enders

Generator rental and transformer rental for the Chicago and suburban areas

Concert Generator Rental

Show Generator Rental

Diesel Generator Rental

480 volt Transformer

208 volt Transformer

3 phase/single phase


If the power goes out from ComEd, make sure you call us right away. The sooner you call, the better the chance you can get power.

If the outage is widespread, all of the local generator companies will run out of inventory quickly, then, you will be on a waiting list!

To check on ComED power restoration go to: